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tv   American Morning  CNN  September 2, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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could be a bruising labor day weekend. >> a lot of unanswered questions after a day of terror at discovery channel headquarters in maryland. a gunman being held hostage for hours before eventually being shot and killed by police. this morning, we're learning a bit more about who this man was, james lee. and what his obsession was with discovery networks programming. we're also on the ground in afghanistan as the u.s. military forges ahead in the final wave of the surgery. jason carroll shows us how one soldier is making the last few preparations before his mission gets under way in the ongoing series "a soldier's story." >> the a.m. fix blog is up and running. we want to hear from you. also, you can send us your pictures and video if you've been affected at all by hurricane earl. go to
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it is big, bad and bearing down on the outer banks of north carolina. the radar tells us the story. hurricane earl, a real powerhouse now. it's back to high speed, 145 miles an hour. that is a category four storm, folks. and the center of this monster could come dangerously close to the carolina coast by midnight tonight. >> right now, hurricane warnings and watches are in effect for north carolina to delaware. and as far north as massachusetts. in fact, president obama already signing a disaster declaration for north carolina in case earl continues to track to the west, bringing it closer to the coast. and of course, earl making a lot of people nervous this morning, because if the system doesn't not make that right, that easterly turn soon, millions of people could be in harm's way.
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they began paging up, heading inlangd yesterday. there was maintained tore evacuation for 30,000 visitors ordering them to leave hatteras island. >> many of people who have been through this drill before in the outer banks, plywood is going fast. many of those homes are new. they just rebuilt after hurricane isabel flattened miles of beach in 2003. >> cnn will be your hurricane head quarters. rob marciano is live in kill devil hills, north carolina. that's where the beaches are closed and people are prepping to leave. first, to reynolds wolf, reynolds is tracking the path right now. good morning. good morning, guys. we're taking a look at the storm. it's currently the largest storm on the planet. about the sides of north carolina, south carolina and virginia combined. hard to miss it on radar. you see it on enhanced radar
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imagery, it's just off the coast of the carolinas. i can tell you the first impact on the united states is heavy surf. in terms of power ali was talking about moments ago, 145-mile-an-hour max sustained winds. gusts at 175. and this powerhouse is expected to roar its way to the north. where exactly is it going to go? according to the path of the hurricane center, the storm is expected to make a northerly jog over the next two days. by 2:00 in the morning on friday, should be just east of the outer banks. this thing say huge storm. so many people in the carolina coast dealing with heavy winds, of course, strong surf, tremendous waves. there will be millions without power before all said and done. as the storm is expected to move through, a category 3 storm. early saturday morning, a category 2 storm, perhaps, just off the coast cape cod with winds of 100 miles per hour. keep in mind these storms are very fickle and may jog out
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closer to shore or push out to sea. we'll be watching that, of course, as we watch the storm trudge its way to the north. >> quick question for you, looking at that map that you've got next to you that cone of uncertainty. over the last few days we've seen variations on that. some of it touches the northern east coast cities. i've seen some go over new york and that one going over boston. has this moved east or the mid-atlantic cities on the coast in danger? >> well, the storm itself is going to wobble. you have to remember, too, you don't just follow the point itself. the winds are going to far exceed the center of circulation. you're going to have winds going to places like richmond, washington. if the storm does get closer to, say, the shoreline itself, yes, new york is going to have strong winds. especially in the downtown area we have the high-profile buildings that can accelerate the winds. also into new england as we get closer to the weekend itself.
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ali. >> thank you for that. >> i was going say places like new york prepare for the possibility of that. >> long island is establishing shelters. obviously it's much, much better to know ahead of time to know what's going on. there are places in the east coast vulnerable to a hurricane. those fragile barrier islands of north carolina. that is the price you pay for living in paradise. those are beautiful, beautiful beaches. kill devil hills where the sand dunes hosted the first flight of the wright brothers. helplessly exposed in the atlantic, face-to-face with a fast-approaches beast of a storm. rob marciano live in kill devil hills. rob, what are the conditions like? >> reporter: right now, calm. as i look out to the east, i can see the higher sirrus outflow of hurricane earl. it may now make inroads, kind of a calm before the storm. but the waves certainly have increased overnight. and the wind will be increasing
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throughout the day. one thing's for sure, the past couple of days we've been talking about rip currents how this is going to affect beachgoers over the labor day weekend and certainly the last week of summer. i think now we're talking about something that's much, much larger than that. with the storm as big as it is. with the windfield as big as it is. reynolds touched on this. tropical-force storms 200 miles out from the center. you don't need this thing to make landfall for it to be doing damage here and taking out at the very least some power. so folks have been evacuating, at least some of here across parts of the outer banks. 200 miles of barrier chain of islands that protects the north carolina shoreline. it kind of sticks out in the ocean like a sore thumb. one out of every two years you get some sort of tropical cyclone making landfall here. but it hasn't been since hurricane isabel that they've seen a storm any of magnitude making landfall here. a little bit of storm amnesia
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with these folks. also helicopters were up yesterday doing fly-overs of the coast, taking a before-storm shot of what this coastline looks like before hurricane earl makes landfall. one of the coast guard lieutenants there told us, something very interesting, in relation to katrina. >> we thought hurricane katrina was going to be no big deal. and we all know how that turned out. >> reporter: how about that? i mean, that's an excellent point here because we've been showing this cone, guys, kind of staying offshore. we've been talking about a major storm. but it's been a while. and i think people should be a little bit more nervous than they are down here. kiaran, ali. >> you've been to many of these. you see what it's like. you see what people are prepared to do. just give us overall notes about this storm. in terms of intensity, how fast it may move.
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in some cases, we pay so much attention to the wind speeds. but the bottom line is, the longer it sits and dumps rain, then you get into other problems with flooding? >> that's a good point. back in 2005 down the road, hurricane ophelia was a category 1 storm. and it moved so slowly and just raked the coastline and did much, much more damage than a typical category 1 will do. also the way it's set up here, you've got the barrier islands and numerous sounds. of course, the bigger one being pamlico sound. you get a storage surgery fr fre ocean and a storm surge from the sound. we're hoping it makes that right turn sooner rather than later. but it really hasn't done that just yet. so a lot of people on edge here. but i'll tell you this, from the people we talked to, even though there are some evacuating, they're not as nervous as they should be. a lot of people here taking this storm, you know, with a casual
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attitude. maybe today things will be different. maybe they'll wake up, see the courage, see the storm. you know what, maybe shy get out of dodge, at the very least, take this a little more seriously. >> you're certainly the picture of the calm before the storm. it looks beautiful where you are this morning. it's understandingable why some people may not think thises is as serious as it. rob, thanks. up and down the east coast, people are getting prepared, boarding up their home, tying some things down. and some are actually evacuating. the powerful storm is threatening a huge portion of the coastline. there are warnings in effect from north carolina, all the way up into part of massachusetts as well. >> going the other way as far south as florida. earl is kick up high winds. lifeguards are posting red flags and warnings. and some beachfront hotels are seeing cancellations for the labor day weekend which is usually the last chance for them to cash in on the summer season.
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>> it's shame for them. folks as far north as cape cod and massachusetts are getting ready for earl. as the cnn weather team warning, it could hit there as indicate gore 1 storm before the weekend. >> and a huge east coast hurricane could add to chaos at the airports. of course, a lot of people getting out early. the big carriers, continental, american telling cnn, they don't expect delays. as always, you can check your flight status online. you may be able to cancel or reschedule your flight without fees. they've all issued statements and you can find it on their websites. >> it's a pain to cancel your vacation. it's another pain to cancel your flights. when you're away from your tv, is your hurricane headquarters online. for the latest information where you have information and video want to share with us, go
6:11 am yesterday, a remarkable story developing at about 1:00 eastern in the afternoon, a hostage taking at the discovery channel right outside of washington, d.c. in silver spring, maryland. we're learning more about the gunman and a possible motive for the hostage taking that led to his death. it's ten minutes after the hour. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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secretary robert gates has made a surprise visit to afghanistan. his plane touched down just minutes ago, he's scheduled to meet with afghan's president and military. to iraqi authorities at the end of theess combat operations in iraq. this also takes place against a backdrop in the united states against direct peace talks going on between the israelis and palestinians. mean while, we continue to follow hurricane earl. cnn, your hurricane center. we're keeping a close eye on the track of this storm as it taking a more easterly turn. hopefully what meteorologists changes. let me bring you up to speed with the hostage drama that played out in maryland. this morning, montgomery county police are giving the all clear after sweeping the building for
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explosives. it all began yesterday afternoon when this man, james lee broke into a building with gun and explosives. he took four hostages. after a four-hour standoff, the police shot and killed lee. the hostages were unarmed. >> hours after this drama ended there were a series of detonations that could be heard at the scene. there you could hear those detonations going off. amber lion is live in washington with more on the story. as we talked about it, it wasn't until 1:00 in the morning that the all clear was given. i mean, this played out from yesterday afternoon on into this morning. give us the latest right now on what the investigation is yielding. >> okay. well, a lot of people have been looking into the mental state of 43-year-old james lee. and we spoke with a forensic psychologist. and just to put things in perspective this morning, she compares lee's mental state to that of ted kaczynski, the union
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knee bomber. this psychologist, helen morrison said that lee apparently had some type of paranoia disease accompanied with rage. we tapped into an online manifesto that lee had written directed towards the network where he says the network wasn't doing enough to save the planet. in this manifesto, he orders them to change their programming and get rid of any shows that glorify human birth. apparently lee was pretty obsessed with overpopulation. even referred to human infantses as pa parasitic at one point. he was into wildlife. at one point, he said, quote, nothing is more important than saving then, the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephant, froggers and of course, the squirrels. we spoke to people near the
6:17 am
building that used to hang out in the coffee shop. they say lee would come in there every day dressed in green military-style clothing as if he was to head into battle. one thing for sure, every single day, lee was complaining about this network. so what do you mean when you say you knew something wasn't right? >> well, his opinions about things. we couldn't understand why he hated the discovery channel. >> reporter: every single day he said he hated the discovery channel? >> yes, every day. something about children, overpopulation. children, he had a problem with that as well. >> reporter: did anybody say what the heck are you doing, mr. lee and argue with him? >> there were discussions, yeah. there were a lot of people that said, well, he's just crazy and blow it off. >> this wasn't lee's first run-in with the law, two years ago, a judge ordered him to stay away from the discovery communications building after he hosted quite an unruly rally where he was just throwing
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thousands of dollars of cash in the air. ali, keeper. zblam beuerlein in d.c. on that story. just ahead, about 20 minutes from now, we're going to talk with summer mathis, he's a blogger who is familiar with lee's rants about the discovery network. she said as soon as she heard his news yesterday, she mete immediately thought this had to be him. >> we're going find out about that. it's unreal to hear the explosions going off. >> that must have been scary for people who are hearing what's going on now. we have big news from tech giant apple, getting a major overhaul, the new apple tv is smaller, cheaper and you can rent movies and tv shows. how much does it all cost? we'll get chances coming up. it's 18 minutes past the hour. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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♪ what is that song from? >> i was thinking to myself -- >> 457 channels. i still can't find anything on. >> exactly. some of the changes coming to apple's few poor sellers and that's apple tv. it now fits in the palm of your hand, it's 99 bucks. about $230 cheaper than before. the focus is on rentals. new movies, $499. tv shows, 99 cents a pop. and will also connect to youtube and flicker.
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>> it's always the most elegant way to do it with apple, none of this is entirely new. it's just neat that it's cheap. the apple setup losing the old-school click wheel. but now it's a touch screen. about half the size of the old one. clips on anything from a purse to a belt strap. >> about half the time. now you can swallow it? >> seriously. ewas going to say, i've got a nano and i lose it constantly because it's so small. the version, by the way, in case you swallow it, no big loss, 49 bucks. 30 bucks more doubles the storage space. do not swallow that one. other upgrades coming for the line as well. new features of the itunes featuring a social networking component that lets you follow friends and your favorite bands. and the exiteration from all of
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these things from apple is going to massage your feet. >> that would require human interaction. it's going to assure you that never actually have to speak to a person again. it's almost impossible to know what they go through once they hit the ground in afghanistan. up next, we're right beside a veteran soldier as he preps for his mission. and the surprises that have cropped up. it's 24 minutes past the hour. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products
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♪ hurricane earl is a category 4 storm this morning. cnn is your hurricane headquarters. we're keeping a close eye on the storm. we're going to have the latest information coming up in just a few minutes. now, for 28 days, 28 straight days, those 33 men in chile, they've been buried half a mile below the earth's surface. new video of the miners shows, it fascinates me, they're still in good spirits. perhaps even better news, they're getting healthier. they're eating properly. >> yeah, it's a 23-minute video tour. it shows how they're getting supplies and medicine. also for the first time, a hot heel. our carl pkarl penhaul has the from chile this morning. >> reporter: trapped in the depths of the earth -- put spirits are high.
6:28 am
they're proud to be chilean, and even prouder to be miners. you can see things down here have changed he says. in this new video sent to the surface mine mario sepulveda goes through the cabin half a mile deep, showing how he and his 32 comrades are holding up. since rescuers found the men alive ten days ago, survival rations have been delivered by narrow bore holes. these metal tubes, miners are getting flood, water, medicine, clean clothes and even music on mp3 players. the music has arrived, and we're organizing today's party. we're super happy and we've been dancing to a couple songs, he says. off camera, a miner could be heard joking.
6:29 am
aboveground, seeing the new video stirred mixed emotions. of course, i'm sad, i miss him so much, she says." they're happy, they're content, she says. we're very grateful to all the workers who are above and making the great sacrifice. we know the problem's pretty big and it's hard would he says. johnny barrios, an explosives experts with experience, is keeping close watch on it. experts reached the san jose mine wednesday to share lessons they've learned about keeping astronauts alive in outer space. >> we've been very impressed also with the courage and the organization that the miners have provided themselves.
6:30 am
in this very difficult circumstance. >> reporter: after 23-minute tour by the light of a head lamp, the miners bid farewell. the little guys want to say good-bye now, i say good-bye to my beautiful family. i love them very much. and down here, we, 33 miners, are walking hand in hand with god, he says. karl penhaul, cnn, san jose mine, northern chile. >> it's amazing, but you just got to keep your fingers crossed that, a, they can stay healthy and good spirits and get moving. and faster estimate. >> i just pray that everybody has overestimated how long it's going to take. i think the entire world is with these guys in spirit. it would take me about six hours before i go nuts down there. >> i can't imagine.
6:31 am
three months or more to drill this is the estimate. there are backup plans. >> let's hope. meantime, our top stories and we're following hurricane earl closely this morning. it's picking up steam overnight. now, a powerful category 4 storm, targeting the coast of north carolina tonight. hurricane warnings and watches are in play as far north as cape cod. and unless earl making a hard right turn soon, millions of people up and down the east coast could be in harm's way. police in silver spring maryland, right outside of the d.c. line, giving the all-clear this morning to the discovery channel headquarters. they spent the night sweeping the build for explosives after police shot and killed james lee. lee took three workers hostage yesterday and had say history of gripes with discovery. in just a few minutes we'll talk with a blogger who is familiar with lee's online rantings. and a federal judge ruling against the white house, refusing to throw out a lawsuit that refuses to block the prk's
6:32 am
administration moratorium in the gulf of meblgsco. meanwhile, officials plan to remove the capping stack on bp's well. they'll soon begin recovery of the blowout preventer that failed to stop the worst oil spill in history. well it's 32 minutes past the hour. we've fold him for months, and now we'revy sergeant randy shorter as he hits the ground in afghanistan. >> this deployment is his third tour of duty. jason carroll joins us on the phone from afghanistan. with the ongoing series kwp a soldier's story." >> what are the challenges that lie ahead for this unit and for sergeant shorter? >> reporter: you know, kiaran, there are a number of things that sergeant shorter has had to face, hitting the ground here in sharana. there are a number of things that have to be done at this crucial step. making sure at that weapons are
6:33 am
stocked and ready to go. just 32 hours ago, he saw his armored vehicles pull into final inspection before deploying. that's just one of the many things that has to be done at this stage. communications systems checked. and taking all of the crucial steps necessary to make sure that his soldiers are armed and in a the state that they can be before heading out on their mission. is this a moment where we've got to get a lot done in a short period of time, right? >> that is correct is. i mean, we came in, we finally did our training. and nows, you know, it's game time. the frustration now is not only we're trying to help our counterparts and our brothers to get out of here to continue their mission, we're now preparing and getting our equipment together which can be a very frustrating part of deployment. >> reporter: what sort of dynamics are you dealing with?
6:34 am
>> in lay 3457b's terms, it's like buying a new car when you buy a new kashgs you want all the accessories. it's similar to that. there are some things we have to add on to the vehicle. >> reporter: what it comes down to, you don't want to be heading out there unless you're absolutely equipped with the best there is? >> that is correct is. we got to get to the place we need to be. >> reporter: there's a sense of heaviness here, given the losses that we've seen over the past few days. how are you dealing with that? >> you you know, some of our counterparts have -- some of the guys that i've actually replaced may have lost soldiers. from how they're taking it, they're some super troupers, let me tell you. these guys are hearing the stories. we're starting to seat pictures around, you know. it's hard. in a sense, it prepares us that this is no game, and we're out here to do what we need to do and just gives us the strength
6:35 am
and will to continue forward. >> reporter: and kiran, so far, there are 19 casualties since saturday. you can imagine that the military can be a small world. given there's one casualty, just about everyone feels it. >> it's unimaginable when they go through and lose one of their own. you also have a chance to speak to major general john campbell as he was inspecting those forward-operating bases. what was his take? >> reporter: you know, i had a brief opportunity to ask him a few questions. mainly about that drawback date of july 2011. i asked him what he thought about that, was that a firm one. he said, you know what, that's not even something that he's focusing on at this point. in terms of where he's coming from, the focus is really on trying to get the afghan police
6:36 am
and security forces to really take -- to take control of the situation here. we're doing that through -- and to retrain the afghan police. that's just part of what sergeant shorter's mission will be when he gets out there to security area and help retrain the afghan police so they can get people in terms of building the insurgents. >> all right, jason, we're going to link up your interview on we'll be checking with you throughout the week, of course. meanwhile, coming up, the man behind this hostage drama that played out yesterday at discovery channel headquarters had a history of gripes against the network's programming. in fact, when people first heard about the story, those who followed it, said jason lee was the first person who herd about it. e going to speak to a blogger who first heard about his rantings two years ago.
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♪ 40 minutes past hourt. welcome back to the most news in
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the morning. you know, there's a lot of questions that remain this morning after that hostage situation that ended in the death of the gunman yesterday, after he took three people hostage at the discovery channel headquarters. this is just outside of d.c. in silver spring, maryland. what was perhaps deeply disturbing about what was going on is these online rantings by 43-year-old james lee. ended up being killed by a police s.w.a.t. team after a four-hour standoff yesterday. he was known for these online rants about discovery's environmental programming. he even posted a manifesto with his demands for the network. sommer mathis is a blogger for she also had covered a lot of what was going on with lee. she joins from us washington. sommer, thanks for being with you. >> thanks for having me. >> you know, a lot of people rant on the internet. >> absolutely. >> there appear to be people
6:41 am
fixated with one company or organization. in this case, it was discovery channel for james lee. but how did it come to this? >> well, the first time i ran across james lee was when someone passed along a link to a website to me in january 2008. and it was a website promoting a week -- an entire week of protests against the discovery channel. and it contains a lot of complaints about discovery's record of producing shows that really had an impact on saving the planet. and it was -- the man's -- at the time he only went by lee. i didn't know his first name at the time. but he complained that the discovery channel was profit-driven. didn't care about the environment. wasn't sincere about saving the planet. it was around the same time that discovery was launching its new channel planet green, i believe it's called. so his beef with discovery was that they were a company, and they didn't care about the
6:42 am
environment, and they weren't producing content that was what he had hoped for. >> and right. and you spoke about that manifesto on the website. just to give people an idea what he was saying. he described humans as filth. he demanded the discovery channel to stop the birth of any, quote, parasitic human infants. and you also talk about this week in 2008 where he actually took out ads and protested outside of the building which led to an arrest. >> that's right. >> what ever came of that? >> so one thing i want to clarify, originally when this website existed it looked much different than it does today. the complaints about discovery that were listed there were much more focused on that they weren't producing environmentally conscious content on the channel. what you see there today, the stuff that they tox about population control and that discovery should be promoting that human beings should no
6:43 am
longer have babies and they should be pushing for sterilization, that was all posted at some point between the time when he was profting in 2008 and yesterday. so -- >> right, so you're talking about sort of an escalation in his rantings at this point? >> yeah. >> he claims, at least of course to "the washington post" that he did get an evaluation from the state after that arrest. the arrest wasn't for anything violent. it was apparently for littering and disturbing the peace. >> yeah. those charges were related to the protests that he held for an entire week in february 2008. the reason he was arrested was he was actually throwing cash all over the street in downtown silver spring. so one of the gimmicks of his protest was that he was handing out money to people and asking them to help him brainstorm better concepts for programming of discovery channel. and if they would write down an idea and he liked it, he would give them cash. the other thing he was doing
6:44 am
because this was really a one-man protest he was recruiting homeless people and individuals off the street to stand with him to make it look like his protest was much larger than it really was of giving them cash as well. and then about five days into the week of protests that he had planned he actually just sort of started throwing money around. literally just tossing it into the street. that was when he was arrested for littering and disturbing the police by montgomery county police. >> we understand his picture was posted inside of the building at discovery channel, they were able to, as they said, quickly identify him. it leads you to believe that this situation could have been worse. i mean, it is tragic that he ended up forcing police to kill him but the bottom line is, no one else was harmed. >> yeah. absolutely. you know, people i've spoken to in the past who first alerted me to his existence back in 2008 at
6:45 am
discovery channel, there's this -- there's a sense over there that he may have been someone who was sending the pitches. and that for programming ideas of his that he wanted to see. and they were ignoring him. or they were declining those pitches. and there's some evidence that perhaps that's how his beef with discovery first began. >> interesting. well, summer planningis, news editor at, thanks 0 for giving insight into this person. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> what a complicated story that was yesterday. quite remarkable. they knew he existed. who thinks just because you don't take somebody's pictures or ideas that this could happen. reynolds wolf is tracking hurricane earl. heel have the latest on the storm. and a contraption meant to train police and the military is putting you in the middle of the virtual action. we're going to show you how this
6:46 am
human hamster ball works just ahead. ♪
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welcome back to cnn "american morning." the most news in the morning. right now, the big story we've got is a big storm. we're talking about earl. earl is the largest storm on the planet. a category 4 storm. the latitude and longitude, you see it there, just off the coast of florida and the carolinas. this storm itself is about the size of north carolina, south carolina combined.
6:49 am
then you throw in virginia for good measure. that's how big it is. as big as the three states. this is one view. another one is a view from high in space. let's get right to it from the space station. you can see the imagery just incredible. an immense storm. it is a powerhouse. you see it back to radar, we see a little bit of weakening because it's difficult for these storms to maintain that kind of strength. we're seeing a little dry air moving to the top of the storm that may break up the storm just a little bit. but there's a very good chance, during the next update, this may be weakening to a category 3. but it's very probable it may going up to a category 4 stronger. we know it's strong but the question is where are is it going to go? the latest path that we have from the national hurricane center, you see the line of uncertainty itself. winds up of 135. gusts of 160. pulling more to the north, right along the coast as we get into
6:50 am
friday and saturday. by saturday, possibly just east of boston, not far from cape cod, winds of 100 miles per hour, gusts up to 120. what's it mean for the coastline. what it means for the coast, we already have watches and warnings in effect from the carolinas through up to maine. to be more specific, waves of 4 to 18 feet can be expected today off the outer banks. wave 20 to 35 feet this evening, with the storm surge of 2 to 3 feet, we could be in parts of virginias and farther no. coastal flooding certainly a possibility. we'll have more of that coming up right here on cnn "american morning." the hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty caught my attention. it's the chevrolet summer event, which means the only thing left to decide is who drives it home. me! her. me! qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls, a consumers digest best buy, for around $199 a month.
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♪ all right. sci-fi authors have written about it, you may have dreamed about the possibilities but now, an ultimate gaming system can transport you right in the middle of a virtual 3-d world. gary tuchman's got the story in today's "edge of discovery." >> reporter: in the movie "the matrix" actor keanu reeves was trapped in a virtual world. >> how would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? >> reporter: now, you can experience your own ultimate reality inside of a video game. it's called "the virtue sphere." a human hamster ball that tracks
6:55 am
your every move. >> the game put you in your focus point. >> a 3-d headset. we also have a sensor that tracks which way the surface is as well. you get a really true experience. rur were walk, spin around, and even run inside of the sphere during an action-packed game. >> you're actually involved in the game. it's your whole body. >> reporter: or you can just take a stroll through ancient village in russia. it was originally designed for military and police training but now -- >> the possibilities are tremendous. we can't wait to work with major gaming publishers. what we can see in five years is placing these in malls and theme parks around the world. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn. >> sometimes, do you feel like you're on the human hamster wheel. >> i'm not sure why i'd pay money to be a human hamster. isn't that what life feels like? >> oftentimes, yes. we'll take a break. hey, smart, we could stay here fothe conference.
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on alert, a menacing monster hurricane earl, just hours away from slamming the north carolina coast. thousands this morning, fleeing the fragile barrier islands. the east coast from the carolinas to cape cod. on alert. watching and waiting. as earl grows stronger and more as earl grows stronger and more dangerous. -- captions by vitac -- and in fact, we're just getting an update in the next two minutes on what's going on with earl. good morning, it's thursday, september 2nd. i'm kiran chetry. >> and i'm ali velshi. john roberts has the day off. check out the live radar. earl is now a mass a category 4 hurricane. winds 145 miles an hour.
6:59 am
this is the biggest storm on the planet right now. >> that's right. this is the latest forecast track right now, earl heading for the outerbanks of north carolina. a part of the east coast that precariously juts out into the atlanta. if you look into friday and then into saturday, this storm also looking to sideswipe new york's long island as well as cape cod. >> this storm is absolutely enormous. it's about the size of the state of colorado. tropical warnings are stemming 1 miles away from earl. that's important because you don't have to be near the eye wall for this to affect you. those winds are making amazing waves. these pictures were taken yesterday afternoon from the outer banks. 1015-foot waves might be a surfer's delight but they are dangerous. look at this, a buoy near the bahamas, includes a wave height of 50 feet. 50 feet when the eye was passing
7:00 am
over it. >> and that's where the worry comes in, not just the wind and the rain, but the storm surge. "american morning" has this story covered like no one else. our rob marciano in kill devil hill, the outer banks of north carolina. we also have reynolds wolf, tracking the storm aefrs move from the cnn weather center. reynolds, we'll start with you. we're due to get an update. what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest we have on the storm, there may be a little weakening from the last update. the reason why, if you look at the enhanced satellite imagery, you're going to notice a little dry air. that dry air that you see there could sometimes compromise the structure of the storm. that's certainly a possibility. but if you look at the back half of the system, it's already starting to recovery. fluctuations in power are certainly there with the size of the storm. it's about the size of the colorado. if you were to go as far as, say, the extreme outer fringe,
7:01 am
it's nearly the size of texas. the strongest on the planet and it is on the move. get is where is this mammoth thing going? it stows that this thing is driving its way to the north and bearing off slowly north-northeast as we get into friday, friday afternoon and then saturday. it might be here by midnight, perhaps by 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with winds at 135. it's not going to make a direct hit, possibly, but maybe a glancing blow. but as rob mentioned in last half hour, the outer banks are going to get lashed by incredible waves, some heavy wind and it's carrying the damage up to the easternle seaboard. just east of the new jersey and just near cape cod, but still it's going to pack quite a punch. the question is, how big of a punch. we'll take a look at this. as we fast forward over the next several days. wind gusts topping 80 miles an hour, not just restricted to the coast but also moving inland. waves anywhere from 25 to 30
7:02 am
feet. some there be bigger, some surging bigger than 2 to 3 feet. as we fast forward, here's what we're seeing in terms of watches and warnings. not just for the outer banks. but clear up to the coast maine, we've got watching and warnings in effect. it's go to come amazing as the storm makes its way northward. power outages are going to be affected, affecting millions of people. delays an issue. coastal flooding also a problem. for more of an up close look at what's happening on the coast as we speak. let's send it back to you guys. i know you're talking to rob in a few moment. >> we are. but you were saying the size of the storm is can colorado. but when you say the winds are included, it's the size of texas. >> with the outflow. >> hurricane-force winds 90 mile from the center of that storm. this is why this becomes important. this isn't just clouds and wind. it's going to cover a big area. if you're anywhere near it, you need to be at least thinking about your plans over the next
7:03 am
48 hours. >> absolutely. this an atmosphere that's drifting through the coast, that's making its way up the eastern seaboard, damaging a lot of things in its way. no question about it. you don't want to follow that line, knowing it's going to strike out for a considerable distance. >> thanks a lot, reynolds. we'll be checking with you throughout the morning. our rob marciano is in it in kill devil hills. rob, as we talk about this, under a mandatory evacuation order. we look at the storm, we're worried. but you say not everybody is taking the storm as seriously as perhaps they should right now. >> reporter: yeah, we hope that will change through the day. the emergency office has now ordered for the entire county, mandatory evacuation, at least for visitors and residents more susceptible islands down to the south. now all visitors are expected to be leaving this part of the island. you mentioned, yeah, there was a bit of a casual attitude yesterday. hopefully that changes today. yesterday, i went out and spoke
7:04 am
with some people gathering supplies. and here's what some of them had to say. >> we're from michigan, we're used to storms. but this is our herst hurricane so we're kind of excited about it. we hope everything will go well. >> you're going to party your way through, huh? >> ignorance is bliss. >> three bottles of wine. >> that's all you need. >> the kids are good with the meal. >> so you're not worried about it, though? >> no, might ruin some beach time. hopefully, it's okay. we'll keep an eye on the tv, right. you guys let us know if we need to be worried. >> reporter: you need to be worried. that's for sure. it's been a while since they've seen a storm of any magnitude hist this coast. isabel in 2002. it's been over ten years since a major storm has struck here. granted, that's mostly east of the center. if there's any glimmer of optimism here, even if this thing makes a direct strike on
7:05 am
the outer banks or new england, most of the storm will be east and offshore. but the size and strength of this is not going to let people relax, that's for sure. surge is not as big an issue, i think reynolds has pointed that out because of the way it is shornt line. but the waves are going to be massive but the slender highway that goes from here to rest of the civilization, it can be cut off. it's done that in storms past. that's one of the reasons that the evacuations have been ordered here. right now, the winds are picking up just a little bit, but we haven't seen anything as far as storm condition are concerned. the clouds are beginning to shroud the sunshine, and the waves are picking up as well. we're expecting the bulk of the action to really start ramping up later this afternoon. >> of course, we'll keep watching what you said and other meteorologists were hoping for was this turn to the west. you haven't seen that yet. and you're also, of course, worried about how fast the storm is moving? >> reporter: the faster the
7:06 am
better. you know, we need to get it in and out of here in a hurry. the longer it churns on the coast, the more it bangs it up. it more it pounds the coastline so we definitely want to accelerate north and preferably east. >> rob, thanks very much. we'll stay in touch with you. it's remarkable, when you see the storms, these guys describe it as being organized or disorganized. look at that, tight and compact. >> we saw the picture from the international space station yesterday. it looked like a drawing. >> yeah, normally, they're all over the place. all the way up the east coast, there are preparations being made in case this thing gets worse. so shelters going up in places like long island. i just like it's always useful, even if this thing isn't coming, 0 to just think what about you would do in the event of a storm. what plans you would make. >> right. the bottom line, people goring to make a run on hardware stores, home depots, lowe's, do
7:07 am
you have a plan to do it. things that we don't often think of. >> that's right. we'll pope you coasted on cnn. away from your tv,, your online headquarters. if you have pictures upload them. video, upload. head to our blog is up and running. nearly 2 million hits already. head to for all the latest. earl has a bull's-eye in north carolina. coming up, we're going to talk to the man in charge of getting thousands of people, both residents and visitor, a very popular time of year as we head to labor day weekend out of harm's way. >> seven minutes after the hour. ( revving, siren blares ) there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight?
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10 1/2 minutes past the hour. we're tracking hurricane earl as it gains strength. and there are more warnings and watches that have been issued along the east coast. the storm say dangerous category 4. the radar has it brushing past north carolina's outer banks by tonight. and state officials are on notice, of course. 30,000 residents and visitors from hatteras island were evacuated, as well as 5,000 tourists from tiny ocracoke island as well. the barrier islands that are really exposed to the atlantic there. joining us now for more on the latest preparations, the emergency response coordinator for dare county, warren judge. what's the latest, warren? >> good morning, kiran, how are you doing. this morning, the dare county control group ordered a mandatory evacuation to all
7:12 am
visitors of the county and an advisory for all residents who live on the ocean front to seek higher ground and safety. >> right. you're worried about coastal flooding. the ocean simply washing over that area, especially if they're right on the ocean front there. as we take a look at it, our meteorologists are telling us you're talking about hurricane force winds, extending 90 miles out from the eye. there's certainly some concern there about this area. what needs to happen now, as you guys have your eye on the storm, and you know it's coming and you're just trying to make sure everyone's prepared? >> well, absolutely. certainly, everybody is getting prepared. the residents of dare count bety have been through this many times. and they have their own individual practices and procedures to get their holes and businesses secured and prepared for the oncoming storm. what we need to happen now is for the visitors to heed the warning, to evacuate. this is going to be an overnight
7:13 am
storm which always makes it difficult because it's nighttime. the water that we expect to come up over the dunes on to the ocean front properties and spread out towards the beach road and even across the beach road in some areas is going to be significant. that's the reason for the evacuation with the hurricane-force winds covering parts of the island, for sure, on the track that it is on now, we need for our visitors, as much as we appreciate them, we need for them to heed the warning and to begin to evacuate. >> right. for you guys in emergency management, it's all business. you know, it's making sure people are prepared. it's a serious nature. on the flip side, the people that are there trying to enjoy themselves are probably loving the waves right now. and they look in the sky and they see sunshine, and they think, maybe we don't really need to get out of here. how do you make people realize the enormity of this? >> well, you're exactly right,
7:14 am
kiran. it is difficult. we have an outstanding staff and team that direct and lead our emergency operations center and our response. our visitors are -- many of our visitors are well-seasoned repeat visitors. and they understand that. it's always kind of hard to reconcile a beautiful sunny day with beautiful ocean conditions that you've got to pack up and leave. but we just continue to deliver a message of good friends such as yourself, cnn, putting the word out on the television stations over the air, will certainly help us. we have our own system of press releases and announcements on our government channel stations, as well as all our local radio stations. our businesses, the hoteliers, the rental agency managers all do a good job in communicates with the guests, answering the guests' questions. but at the end of the day, the advice to our visitors is to
7:15 am
evacuate. and the advice to our residents on the ocean front to seek safety on higher ground. >> you know, you guys are used to this. it. whats, of course in varying seasons. we talk more about the cat gore of the storm, category 4, 140-mile-an-hour plus winds. if there's one bright spot, it looks like this is favorite-moving storm, if anything. it could be a fairly short event for you guys. i mean, is that something that you're considering at this point? >> absolutely. the confidence from the national hurricane center, as well as from our director of emergency operations and his team is that it will be a fast event. the fact that it happens overnight always gives us cause for concern. but we're going to get a glancing blow, hopefully, it stays on the track or tracks to the east. it will be quick. it's going to go through one high tide cycle which is
7:16 am
certainly the opportunity for worst conditions at high tide than it would be at low tide. and that it -- when we wake up in the morning, it's pretty much over. so -- that's another reason for the people to heed the evacuation notice. to get off the island and let the storm happen overnight. and then we'll assess our situation in the morning. >> right. >> but the speed of the storm and the fact that we're getting the west side of the storm is certainly a blessing to us. >> all right. well, good luck. we hope that everything goes smoothly for you. warren judge, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you, malm. i want to talk about money for a second. you and i got our baptism by fire working together because we were here every single morning while the financial crisis was starting. back them, it was shock all the time. it's not shock anymore. this is normal to people. there's this new normal, it involves kids going home and living with their parents after college. kids needing an allowance from
7:17 am
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20 minutes past the hour right now. cnn is your hurricane headquarters. our extreme weather team is tracking hurricane earl for you this morning. every hour things change, of course. just about two hours ago, 5:00 eastern, moments ago, again, mandatory evacuation orders expanding in north carolina. north carolina's outer banks. we just spoke to dare county which is kitty hawk, the town of duck, many other popular destinations, they articles asking all visitors to evacuate the county. in less than 20 minutes we'll be getting a new update from the emergency center in recall lay. we'll be tracking that and bringing that to you. also at 11:00 this morning, we're getting an update of fema and from the head of the
7:21 am
emergency center. we're watching it all, ali. in fact, we're speaking with the director. all right, i want to take a few minutes away from hurricane earl, but we will, of course, get back to it momentarily and if there are any developments. kiran and i were just talking about a few minutes ago, all those mornings, one after another, in 2007 and 2008 where we were shocked into believing there was a recession. that was shock. but today, it seems like the new normal. we're going to talk about some of the things people are doing to cope with that new normal. amanda gangler joins us, he's a writer with "money" magazine. she's following it this week. there are a number of things that happens. we talk to kids after college going home and living with parents. in some cases while they're doing that, even if they aren't out of college, they're once again at home. and i think parents think once
7:22 am
i'm done paying with college, they're on their own. not really the degree. >> people in their 20s, one study found at that majority of parents were stille providing financial support to the tune of more than $7,000 a year. and another study found that, parents, when they said, they said they were financially independent by age 25. >> right. >> for their kids. it's not going to happen until age 30 today. i think one of the things overlooked in this great recession is the negative impact it's having on young adults. the idea that once i finish school, lance's first job, he's going to make it on his own, that's not happening. 1 in 10, 18 to 30-year-olds have moved back in with mom and dad due to the recession. >> parents are going to continue to support their kids after paying for an education in many
7:23 am
cases. they're also getting hit because if they're short of money, a lot of people are going into the 401(k) and borrowing. it's necessary for a lot of people. most people think this is a very dicey proposition. experts think that. >> yes. and the percentage of 401(k) participants who have an outstanding loan against their account right now is 22%. that's a record high. an average loan amount is over $8,500. we're also seeing not as many but still a high number of folks raiding their account. at least with a loan, you have to repay it. >> you mean, people going in, cashing -- selling their stocks, taking a very high tax hit to do it. >> exactly. a hardship with the draw. that 10% fee. also taxes, that could eat away 30% to 40%. we at "money" magazine don't generally like to encourage people to think of their 401(k) as sort of a piggy bank. that undermines its purpose to
7:24 am
serve as a nest egg for your retirement. but that said, there are situations where you don't have any other option. >> if you're going to lose your home or your lights or something like that. listen, go to "money" magazine or amanda gangler, thanks a lot. we're talking about the new normal. coming up from new york's ground zero to california, mosques have become a target of angry protests. some say it's open season to hate muslims. our deb feyerick is taking a closer look. my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out.
7:25 am
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♪ welcome back to the most news in the morning. time for an a.m. original. something you'll see only an "american morning." attempted terror attacks aim ted u.s. have come mostly from muslim extremists born outside of america. of course, recently, we have talked more about homegrown attacks. the ft. hood shooter, nadal
7:27 am
hassan born in the united states and others. >> so the question is, why does it appear that more and more that all muslims are being portrayed as potential terrorists or targets of hate. deborah feyerick joins us for a closer look at this. you've been investigating this very closely, deb? >> absolutely. you know, experts will tell you there's a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to what islam is all about. add on politicians spreading rumors that sharia law, islamic law, is coming to the united states simply because a group of americans wants to build a mosque. it's time to ask, what's really going on. >> reporter: the islamic center and mosque to be built near ground zero is not the only mosque drawing fire. about a dozen others across the country are also under attack. some angry protests and suspected arson in murfreesboro,
7:28 am
tennessee. >> do you forget nerve so fast? >> reporter: to california. american mosques in some cases being portrayed as monuments to terror centers. >> it's open season toward hate of islam. >> reporter: why now since the year 9/11? despite negative images in the movies and on the news. john esposito is an islamic and religion professor at georgetown university in washington, d.c. >> people feel besieged, threatened by it, et cetera. the risk is that islam phobia will become that new hatred. >> reporter: 5 million muslims in america. and intensifying hostility and rise in hate speech is alarming to many. like these clerics we met the-a
7:29 am
ate recent summit in houston. >> do you think other christian sect could open up a mosque? do you think jews would be allowed to open up synagogues anywhere they want. but do you think muslim should be allowed to open mosques anywhere they want. >> what changed the game? 19 people changed the game? how did that happen. we've been your doctor. your x-ray tech, your accountant. we've been serving you for a long time so what tipped the scales. >> reporter: these men and other prominent american clerics say american muslims are under seeing both by islamic extremists and some u.s. conservatives. >> you have radical islamics preach ago broad saying you cannot be. on the far right, you have a number of prominent islamophobes saying the same.
7:30 am
>> reporter: it's ripped up national debate fueled in part by fearmongering. it's been simmering. since last year, this youtube video has been viewed more than 12 million times. >> the world is changing. it's time to wake up. >> reporter: islam has become a political wedge issue with politicians like newt gingrich comparing muslims to nazis. >> you know, nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in washington. there's no reason for us to put up a mosque next to the world trade center. >> reporter: in fact, a duke university study finds rather than fuel terrorism in america, contemporary mosques prevent it. national security experts and american muslims like shiraz mohammed fear it's in stake. >> the more they incite people, they themselves are hurtful. it's hurting american security. >> reporter: right. because it's creating hatred? >> yes, it's creating a lot of
7:31 am
hatred. >> reporter: the latest 2008 fbi statistic its on hate crimes against muslims don't reflect what's going on now. experts believe despite what happened after 9/11 could repeat itself. in new york recently, a cab driver was stabbed after his attacker allegedly asked if he was muslim. >> shortly after 9/11, everybody had it, the catholics had. the italians had it, the irish had it. now it's time for the muslims. >> reporter: how long it will take to counter is anyone's guess. imam faisal will return to new york city sometime today. he's been serving aasen emsarry for the u.s. state department, acts as a bridge between the u.s. and muslim countries. he says just as american-catholics were crucial in pushing reform in vatican ii, so will american-muslims be responsible for bridging the gap in america and the world's 1.2
7:32 am
billion muslims. there's a feeling that alienizing thinkers is going to be a big issue. >> i know imam feisal as you do, it would be hard pressed to think of them as radical, radical thinkers. when this label is applied, it gets applied and it stick. >> absolutely. you have people simply asking questions with no fundamental proof of what they're saying. it's one thing to say let's find out where the money is coming from. i can say that. doesn't mean it's coming from somewhere insidious. that's where the insinuation is. >> that's right. it's buried in the insinuation. >> i know you're hoping to get chance to speak one-on-one, right? >> absolutely. we spoke to the developer. and we're hoping to get a chance to speak to him as well. >> thanks. back up and down the east coast, everyone is waiting for hurricane earl to take a hard right turn this morning. check out the radar. earl is now a massive category 4
7:33 am
hurricane with sustained winds reaching 145 miles an hour. reynolds wolf is tracking this monster from the extreme weather center. >> yeah, when we talk about how big, how massive is the storm, let me show you something, ali, when you take a look at it from this perspective. this is a great shot. when you influid the outflow, all the way over here, one frame to another. it's nearly as wide as the state of texas. it sont move, moving to the north at about 15 to 18 miles per hour. this storm is expected to march its way right up the eastern seaboard as we get into friday. let's take a look at here. rob is near kill devil hills. we fast forward into friday afternoon and early saturday morning, it could be just to the east of new york and into boston, right near cape cod by early, early saturday morning with winds of 100 miles per hour. the thing to remember, with this forecast path in the national hurricane center, is this a cone of uncertainty. the storm can move to the west
7:34 am
and perhaps stay more on the east. regardless, you're still going to have that huge windfield that will extend into places like richmond, charlotte, back into boston nap means you're going have in many cases, widespread flooding and power outages. there's no question this storm is going to mean a lot of things to millions of people. what's it's going to mean on the coast. we've got the watches and warnings to the carolinas clear up to maine. as we take a look what the it means specifically for the outer banks. check it out. minimum, wind gusts of 80 miles an hour or stronger. that's the power outages. waves 25 to 30 feet. storm surge of 2 to 3 feet, that's because the storm is expected to have more of a glancing blow, as oppose to a direct hit. a lot of things could change, especially over the next couple of hours. we're going to have to watch that very carefully. let's send it back to you guys in the studio. i know rob is coming up in
7:35 am
seconds with more. >> yeah, he's in kill devil hills as well as they begin to prepare for this, too. >> well, the new republican senate nominee who toppled a popular alaska incumbent is going on the attack. joe miller's plans to slash federal spending if he were to win that senate seat and the strong words he's used to describe the president. >> and with sarah palin. what what-w sarah palin's intentions as she heads up a fund-raiser. his article stirring up a lot of dust. it is 35 minutes after the hour. ♪ we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.
7:36 am
7:37 am
7:38 am
♪ well, just a day after the upset victory in alaska to become the new gop senate nominee, joe miller, tea party favorite, pull nothing punches when discussing the leadership of the country. >> speaking to cnn's john king, miller was adamant about facing social security and phasing it out and he expressed some
7:39 am
concern about president obama. >> if you had to in a sentence or two, describe barack obama, how would you do that? >> bad for america. >> that's one sentence. you don't get that often out of a politician. on what do you base that? >> well, he's one of the major forces moving this country towards socialism. he's expanding the entitlement state. that's the wrong direction for america. this say bipartisan problem, but he's at the front of it. >> miller had a lot of support during his campaign from former alaska governor sarah palin. and with the former vice presidential candidate headed to iowa later this month to stump for republicans, there's new talk of sarah palin, the presidential candidate. not really sure it went away but it's there. >> right, it's a favorite parlor game. is she or not going to run in 2012. along with her new ambitions, she's staying pretty tight-lipped with the exception of facebook postings and tweets. and so is everyone close to him. our "vanity fair" writer michael
7:40 am
post, he's a writer, he followed her. welcome. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, when you went into this, did you have an opinion about your article posted and, of course, the blogs? you guys clearly must hate sarah palin and were trying to write a hit piece? >> i actually started this project into her favor. i figure shed probably had been given a rough-go by the elite media. i have a lot in common with sarah palin. i'm a small town person, i'm a christian and identify with the criticisms that she makes. but i was shocked, the closer i got to her, the closer i got to people who had known her the best. the more stories of just horrific behavior and abuse i was finding. >> interesting as you read it, one has to read it to sort of get a feel for it, you describe her with a charisma that i think we've typically used to describe ronald reagan or bill clinton.
7:41 am
the sense of how she engages people around her. and then there's this other side you that describe that seems almost vicious. that's the side you didn't really get to see, right? you've seen the interactions, you've seen how she is in a crowd of people? you didn't get to see the other side. how did you learn about that. tell us a bit about it. >> i learned about that from the people who have worked most closely with her over many years. when i first heard the stories about the temper, the screaming, the fits the throwing things i thought they were so extreme they must be exaggerated. then i started hearing stories from exactly the same behavior from people who couldn't have known each other. whose experiences with palin was separated by thousands of miles and more than a decade. and it all added up to a very consistent picture of a character who just explodes when things don't go her way. and whose given to threatening people that she's going to ruin them if they say anything.
7:42 am
there's a whole town of people and a whole stream of people who are just frightened to death to speak out about what's happened to them. >> in the course of this, it is interesting because you do focus on some of the personal tales. you had to do a lot of anonymous sourcing, many people did not want to talk or be identified by name out of fear of reprisal. specifically about her relationship with todd, quote one person who had be a frequent houseguest of the palins that they had many morning fights. one of a pretty profanity-laced tirade. fu, you lazy -- then a person would say they never saw todd and sarah sleep in the same bed and todd would joke, i don't know how she ever gets pregnant. some of this is interesting to read. at the same time, it's really what's going on in someone's house, life, bedroom that's
7:43 am
anonymously sourced. i mean, is that fair to have this out there for everybody to hear when people won't back up when they're say wig their name? >> well, i think that it's important to know this character. she is becoming so powerful in our society. and she's not subjecting herself to the normal interaction with the press that politicians have. usually, we expect politicians will talk with us. not just to us. and usually, we expect that they're going to tell us the truth. and we don't continually give them a pass when they've proven that they lie over and over again, as she has. the question of anonymous sourcing was difficult, sure. but the choice was between using the information that people were willing to give on their terms are. and just keeping the secrets. you know, sort of subjecting ourselves to the same kind of abuse that these people have been subjected to. >> now, you asked for responses to these, and you didn't get
7:44 am
them. but one of things that you just said, we're used to politicians talking with us, not at us. you described this one-way communication that is corresp d correspondence that is correspo orchestrated from sarah palin and team. i got the impression that we wouldn't report somebody else's, some other politician's tweets as news. because sarah palin doesn't talk to much of the media, we will take stuff that they puts out there and report it. >> don't you think that's true? we're treat herg more like a pop star than we are like a politician. >> but your description of her and her speeches and her appearances are almost like a cult-oriented pop star. she does seem to have that following, a very strong, passionate following? >> she does. of course she does. i haven't seen anything like it except for the last time i saw
7:45 am
ronald reagan address a public convention or the day i walked around with castro with gaven newsom after gay marriage had started. people get the sense that she is them, really, in a way that is kind of reference to their existence. >> i read the article. i cringe in it. there were times when they are parents was questioned. her ability to be a good mom. whether she was using children as props. there's a big explanation of bristol palin, or piper palin running around backstage and then trotted out. how different is it than other candidates who have their children on the podium who campaign with them. >> john mccain has done that. >> yeah, nancy pelosi had all the grandchildren out on the floor of the house. and also just whether or not there would be the same questions about the good parenting asked of a male in her
7:46 am
situation. >> you know, the important thing here, once more, is that every aspect of this woman's image is different from the reality. the only reason that these facts are relevant is that she's lying about them. she's -- she's painting a picture of her life that is patently untrue. that's the reason. >> tell us some more about that. >> one example where she says she's never dealt with a special needs child. >> exactly. >> and you said that her nephew is autistic. >> that's right. she tells an audience in wichita, when she found out she was going to have a child with downs syndrome, she said i've never been around a special needs child before. in her book, she said in the exact same moment she immediately thought of her nephew who is autistic.
7:47 am
>> the other thing you that brought up is made up of her root, i guess you could say salts of the earth personality. >> right. >> you said when she had the tv crew making moose chili. todd was calling up, does anybody good ground. up moose because we don't have any in the house. why are those details important? >> well, again, she's standing up for normal, hard-working average-everyday patriotic americans. she says she's one of those people. she claims she's lifting those people up. well, she doesn't really treat those people well. i followed her around the midwest. i would sometimes stay in the same hotels where she stayed. i talked to the bellhops, i talked to the maids. she usually doesn't tip them at all. when she does, it's five bucks. you know, the only time she
7:48 am
treats people well is when other people are watching. >> i hope somebody doesn't do a story on me and my tipping. >> you've got to tip a little more, ali, at least. when we were going out last night, you sent me an e-mail and said, wait, you're supposed to tip maids? >> i was just joking. you touched on the fact that there is an underlying talk of perhaps her mental capacity. her mental -- whether or not she's delusional. you talk about her -- referring to herself as the north star and talking about a fight between good and evil. viewing herself as good. and that, you know, she needs prayer warriors to ward off evil. and also talked about whether or not she should have been on medication. todd saying, no, she just needs to run more. those are quite astounding and very devastating revelations. >> we're used to politicians talking about is their opponents being wrong.
7:49 am
we're not used to them talking about their opponents as being evil. that's what she's doing. that's what she's doing when she's giving shoutouts to prayer warriors. prayer warriors believe there's an angel and demons at all times and that you can control that. >> michael gross, thanks so much for being here. definitely an article worth a full read. michael joseph gross, writer of "vanity fair" with an article about sarah palin. >> also, you can read a full article. it's out now. 49 minutes past the hour. at the discovery headquarters in maryland, things are returning to normal this morning, after a devastating day yesterday. a lot of fear and terror. montgomery county police have given the all-clear after sweeping for explosives. it came after this hostage standoff which ended in this man you're see, 43-year-old james lee being shot and billed by the s.w.a.t. team.
7:50 am
amber lyon will be following the developments. amber, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, kiran, as you said, police are telling us one discovery place has been cleared of all of the bombs. they believe yesterday that james lee had brought in some explosive devices in backpacks. we actually got some interesting video in hear popping noises going off near the discovery communications building that sounded like police detonating these devices. police are also telling us this morning that the building inside will be closed for quite some time today as they continue their investigation but they will have the area surrounding the building open to the public. >> amber, jamie lee had a history of gripes against the discovery channel. what did you learn about those? >> apparently this guy has been pretty ticked off at the network for several years. he wrote an online rant, manifesto of sorts. ordering the network to change its programming, to programming that encourages sterilizing the
7:51 am
human race. filth, poll irts, disgusting. apparently lee was quite an environmental protester and reflavored wildlife. i want to read you a quote from one of his onlineman 'fess tows. he says nothing is more important than saving them. the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, frogies, turtles, ants, shocks, bears and of course the swirls. i talked to people that knew lee and hung out at a nearby coffee shop and said that he often paid people to follow his cause, handing out cash to get him them to read books and to join his environmental beliefs. >> amber, thanks very much. amber lyon reporting on the story. they be have underground for 28 days, the miners in chile. doesn't it fascinate you? these guys are in good spirits. they are getting supplies, medicine. they got a hot meal. we will have the latest on the
7:52 am
33 miners stuck half a mile underground in chile. pay what you want when you want to eat. 8:17 eastern, we will speak with the head of paniera bread. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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7:55 am
welcome back to the most news of the morning. after a two-year impasse, direct peace talks between palestinians and israelis begin in washington today. president obama hosting israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. last night along with leaders of egypt and jordan. the five men meeting behind
7:56 am
closed doors yesterday. the president calling this a moment of opportunity that may not come again. suzanne malveaux is live at the white house this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ali. the tough stuff begins today. the hard negotiations, that will take place at the state department. we will see secretary of state hillary clinton sitting down with these two leaders. the palestinian leader abbas and binyamin netanyahu. they will be talking about border security, state of jerusalem. all of these things that have really eluded a peace process between them. what yesterday was about was the president really trying to set the stage here, to get these leaders together. also with the help of mediators, leaders from jordan as well as egypt, to sit down. they have a lovely dinner at the white house. the president had one-on-one meet wings all four individuals to try to lay the table, if you will, and give a sense of optimism.
7:57 am
we heard from the president yesterday saying that he was cautiously hopeful, that this was a moment of opportunity for these leaders to try to resolve their differences. the other thing that he made mention and made point is that he was under no illusions that this was going to be easy. he said that passions run deep and extraordinarily complex and difficult situation. covered presidents before. many tried to do this. president clinton, president bush. they failed in their attempts. the obama administration officials i speak with believe that there is some hope that they can make some sort of progress because they are starting the process early, because we have seen in the west bank some stability and measure of stability as well as economic growth that the time is right for these leaders to sit down and discuss these very critical issues. we are just going to have to wait and see how this plays out. we will be hearing from these leaders in just a couple of hours from the state department to talk about what it is that they expect to happen in the
7:58 am
next day, next week, and obviously the next months to come. >> something that's so important to world security. we will be following it very closely along with you. suzanne malveaux at the white house. thanks very much. coming up on two minutes until the top of the hour. we will be right back with your top stories. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile there's a moment where everything comes together. where there's magic. and you now understand what nature's been hiding. ♪ at dow we understand the difference between novation and invention. invention is important.
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8:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, accepted 2nd. i'm ali velshi in for john rob zblerts i'm kiran chetry. we have a busy morning. we are getting new updates on where hurricane earl is going. hurricane earl, big, scary for many. steaming right towards north carolina now. it is a category 4 storm and it could make landfall by midnight. there is a look now. there are had you watches and warnings now in effect from the carolinas. tropical storm warn and watch extending much further. we are talking from north carolina all the way up to massachusetts. here is a live picture now from raleigh, north carolina. this is where we are waiting for an update. the emergency management officials will be briefing us on hurricane earl and we will bring you any of that new information in this hour of "american
8:01 am
morning." all clear this morning at the discovery channel after yesterday's hostage stand-off that ended with police killing the gunman. james lee had a history of gripes against discovery. police spent the night sweeping the building for explosives. from sea to shining sea, mosques under take in america. the hostile is growing and it is troubling to many muslims. >> you would never hear any mainstream commentator saying do you think another christian sect could open a mosque? we have mainstream news presenters just asking the questions bluntly, do you think muslims should be allowed to open mosques anywhere they want. of course, the a.m. fix blog is up and running. join the live conversation. right now this is pretty much a monster of a storm. it is named earl and threatening to carve up the carolinas some
8:02 am
worry. especially in the outer barrier islands. hurricane earl, category 4 storm, packing 145 mile per hour winds. >> earl is bearing down on the east coast setting its sights on the outer banks of north carolina which jets out into the atlantic in an unusual fashion. emergency manage many officials ordering more evacuations overnight. state of emergency is now in effect in north carolina, virginia, and maryland. >> delaware as well. we are tracking earl from the cnn hurricane center. reynolds wolf will be joining news a moment. we are checking in with rob marciano. he is live in kill devil hills, north carolina. i can see by your shirt, winds are whipping up much more than last time we checked in with you. they are telling folks to evacuate. what's the latest. >> the winds and waves are picking up and clouds increasing. sun trying to break through at times. there's no doubt there is a storm approaching. in kill devil hills, outer banks of north carolina, it has been a while since they have seen any sort of storm of magnitude,
8:03 am
twins 2003 hurricane isabelle raked this coastline. it is different from the gulf of mexico. you have a lot of the dunes that protect the areas and the shoreline is different as well. storm surge is not as much of an issue. but the waves can get big. they are getting larger now. we could see 20, 25, maybe 30-foot waves layer on today and in parts of this -- outer banks where the road is slim and not a lot of land that can wash out roadways. that can cut people off from the mainland. those are the main concerns. there have been evacuations ordering for dare county and hyde county as we. it feels dry right new. let's take a look at the satellite picture. 145-mile-an-hour winds. this is a beast. it is running into dry air. we are hoping it knocks down some of the strength certainly here over the next few hours. if it doesn't and shifts west this area is in a heap of trouble. the forecast track is to keep it just barely offshore. as a category 3 or 4 storm.
8:04 am
brushing by the outer banks later on tonight and early tomorrow morning. then making a run at eastern new england tomorrow night and possibly into saturday morning. and any deviation on that track, ali and kiran, will mean a world of difference. if it shifts 20, 30, 40 miles to the west, you are talking about the core of that eye wall hitting and raking this coastline and that will do serious damage to the structures and people that live here. if it stays offshore, a little further offshore, we won't get much of anything. the answer to what it is going to do, there is a lot of uncertainty in that. that's the scariest part of it. >> we are staying on top of it. thanks very much for that, rob. let's bring in reynolds wolf in the cnn hurricane head quarters in atlanta. reynolds? >> yes. mazing to see what's been happening along the coast. perhaps in the storm with this magnitude, we want to take a shot from high above. mind-boggling view. this is an immense storm. if you were to mesh smur how the outer bands of this, all the way
8:05 am
to the onflow you can switch from one end of marshall, texas, to el paso. nearly covering the lone star state. it is that big of a storm. let's show you something else. that shot from texas, shot nearly as big as texas. atlantic basin. we have our producer, angela fritz. if you could help us enlarge one of these images that shows a shot we have of the atlantic basin. you will see folks -- we have three different storms out there. we have earl. we have fiona and gaston. three big storm that are forming out there that are just tremendous. the first, of core, is earl will be the biggest one. the ones behind it, fiona and gaston. that this is not unusual. this is when things start to percolate and minimal sphere. water is very warm. i can tell you as rob was mentioning earlier, you look at the path of the storm going along the eastern seaboard, even if the storm were to stay a little bit out to sea, going to stay out on the cone of uncertainty and stay deeper in
8:06 am
the atlantic, because of the huge wind field, enormity of the storm, you are still going to have widespread power outages along the carolina coast, virginia coast. perhaps even into maryland and surges northward into delaware, places like, say, back into new jers jersey, it is something that will affect millions of people. heavy waves and you are going have immense surf. we will so much to talk about. we will be following thing hour by hour, day by day, as the storm pulls its way to the north and affecting so many americans. >> thanks very much. we are going to be with you guys all morning, all afternoon, all evening following this storm. this is not even one of those you just know is coming in directly one place as rob said. 20 miles either way could make a big difference as to who this affects. >> the longer it goes the longer it takes to make the turn they want to see. the more at risk these areas especially in north carolina are. we will be following it. as we said, within this hour, we expect to get an update from emergency management on what they are thinking when it comes to this storm. >> this is going to lead or
8:07 am
could lead to some chaos at airports on such a heavy travel weekend. labor day weekend. the big carriers, delta, continental, american, air tran, they are all telling cnn that they do not expect huge delays or cancellations. hopefully this will pass before most people decide to get out. but check your flight status online. you might be able to change organize reschedule your flight without extra fees. generally speaking if there has been a schedule change or anticipating one. call the airline ahead of time. it is just a lot easier than showing up and getting it wrong and stranded at ar an airline. >> especially if you make one and you don't make your connection and you are stuck at an airport. >> we are glowing to cover this comple completely. when you are away from your tv, is your online hurricane headquarters. latest information or if you have pictures and video you want to share with us, go to >> police in silver spring, maryland giving the all clear this morning to the discovery channel's headquarters.
8:08 am
they spent the night sweeping the building for explosives. after police shot and killed james lee. lee took three workers hostage yesterday. what you are hearing there is exploding ordnance that went on late into the night yesterday. lee with a long history of gripes against the discovery channel's program. the white house is -- by the way, that's the police that were exploding those things. the white house today is touting a new pew research poll that shows the number of illegal immigrants living in the united states has been declining since 2007. the poll says the most recent figures from 2009 show that there were just over 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states. and 8% decline from the peak of 12 million in 2007. america's top seeded man in the u.s. open crashes out on day three of the 14-day tournament. andy roddick who won the grand slam in 2003 was taken out by
8:09 am
serbian tipsarovic, ranked 44th. it was considered an upset. roddick was ranked ninth. one of the most heated moments came when roddick got a call for a foot fault with his right foot while serving. check it out. >> have you ever seen me go like this ever? >> no. >> ever good my career? >> month. >> it is impossible. >> you can see it. it is the right call, the wrong foot. roddick's left foot hit the line during the serve which, by the way, that serve would have been an ace. >> ouch. >> you don't know what to make of that. >> i will tell thank you other story i don't know what to make of are the miners in chile. i'm fascinated, as i think so many people are. riveting new video that shows
8:10 am
the raw emotions of the trapped chill yen miners ask they get their first hot meal in more than three weeks. the stuff we take for granted. i have an amazing update about this when we come back. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
8:11 am
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8:12 am
♪ develop thing morning, new video released of the 33 miners in chile trapped half a mile under the earth.
8:13 am
23 minutes long. i guess these guys have time on their hands to make the videos. i appreciate they are doing it. we see how they are getting medicine, camping beds, first hot meal in more than three weeks. fascinating. they have a four-inch diameter hole to do this in. the men are surprisingly in fantastic spirits. >> greetings to mr. minister, mr. minister, this is the seminar room. here we have this office for messages coming from above and messages that go down below. in here we have a complete inventory of everything that's coming in. we are happy. very happy to have water. food is being consumed according to the plan they have upstairs. we are very happy. we can't tell you how happy we are. now my co-workers want to say bye. thank you, mr. president. >> amazing, though, their spirits are as high. all we can do is hope and pray it stay this way. 28 days. >> they seem to be really good about getting on with each other and supporting each other.
8:14 am
i hope this is true. and that i continues. >> the drilling started on the rescue tunnel. it could take, unfortunately, as they have said, three months or four months. however, they are frantically looking at backup plans. other options, whether they can tunnel through the side. >> i got a lot of e-mails why couldn't they blast through. you can't because there are guys there. you can't collapse that. that's a tough one. tough economic times, by the way. spa's finance minister is asking everyone in the country to smoke and drink a little bit more. >> the government badly needs the tax money generated by tobacco and alcohol sales. that's going to be interesting because then they will need to pay a lot of money in health care costs. we call it the sin tax here. >> do you go out after the show? >> no. i go into a cot right there in the office and come back here for the next show. >> you may want to rethink that.
8:15 am
ladies night lives. an appeals court shooting down claims by an attorney that ladies nights are unconstitutional because women get to pass the velvet ropes for free, half price. states have no control over nightclub pricing policies. >> every guy in the world is like please don't cancel ladies night. please! i'm single and looking for a honey. anyway. food on the honor system at panera bread. you pay what you can afford. on human nature works. we will talk to ronald shea, chairman of panera bread, how this experiment is working out. [ male announcer ] how do you know when something's good? when something's safe? you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make
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8:18 am
♪ you play this while i'm not here? i love it. it is so good to be back with you. >> it is nice to have you here, too. especially when the hurricane is
8:19 am
here. you lived through one. >> we are polling this hurricane very closely. that's what you are looking at in the bottom right corner. >> time for business. minding your business this morning. salt lake city restaurant has been using an unusual payment method. they are saying hey, you mo what, order what you like and pay what you think it is worth. >> when we saw when they were doing, head of panera bread decided he, too, wanted to give back to customers who had fallen on hard times. the idea essentially uses the honor system. join us from west newton, massachusetts, to explain how this works. ron shea, executive chairman and founder of the panera bread company. a place familiar to many of us all over the country. good to see and you thank you for being with us. >> good morning. how are you? >> very well, thank you. i don't know what the wisdom is of talking about food like this in the morning. this is making me hungry. tell us about this. what was this experiment many and why did you decide to open up or pile the a store to pay
8:20 am
what you will poll. >> i panera has been the most successful performing stock in the restaurant universe the last ten years. we have done that because we have been part of the communities in which we live. it was very important for us to continue to try to find ways to make a difference in these communities. we give $100 million a year in donations. we want to do something more. i heard about this idea in salt lake city. i said you know what, these guys spent years trying to get this restaurant open. we opened two restaurants a week. we operate 1,400 restaurants. maybe we should take a shot at it. >> it is interesting because you said the verdict a month later is that people are essentially good. because for the most part, i think 60% to 70% of people just paid -- >> pay more or -- >> 60% to 70% paid the same. and then you had a small percentage of people paying more and a small percentage of people paying less. how did you view the result?
8:21 am
>> exactly right. i mean, you have to understand how it works. you walk in and first we have to explain to you how does this work. most of us have had tens of thousands of experiences in restaurants where the prices are what the prices are. we have to explain to you it is a cafe of shared responsibility. from there, people have to -- are given the suggested retail price. and then they make the choice what they want to leave. they go over to a donation bin and put the money in. we don't look at it. we don't know what they put in. it is up to them. the interesting part, the most interesting part, is as you said, it is 60% of the people leave the suggested amount. 20% leave more than the suggested amount. and 20% essentially leave less and often much less. but to tell thank you truth -- go ahead. >> are you going to open more of these? >> we are, yeah. we don't know quite yet where. we will announce that in the next couple of weeks. >> you tell the story about a family barely getting by.
8:22 am
they were able to treat themselves out to a night out and their kids which was a rarity for them. is that the point here as well? you know, as you talked about, just being able to provide a little bright spot for people, even though it is a place to eat. >> well, you know the truth of the matter is one out of six americans today have food insecurity. one out of ten are unemployed. we are not going to cure poverty with this. we do make a difference in serving the panera experience with dignity to lots of different people. let me be clear. this isn't a soup kitchen. you don't know who is who. we have all kinds of people mixed in. it is a wonderful human experience. >> great conversation. good on you and your company for doing that. thanks very much for coming to talk to us about it. >> thank you. >> the founder and chairman of panera bread company. this monster storm we are tracking hurricane earl, it is churning closer to the north carolina coast. evacuations have been ordered. some people are not leaving. they are hunkering down.
8:23 am
we always have this discussion. we will talk to the fema administrator live coming up. i was a bookkeeper for 34 years. when i went on medicare, i did the numbers. that was the moment of truth. medicare by itself doesn't cover everything. we'd need more than that. i don't want to spend my life
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8:25 am
welcome back to the most news of the morning. would yemeni men detained in the netherlands after a plight from the united states have now been released. they were held as possible terror suspects after concerns were raised about items found in their checked luggage. u.s. officials found no evidence of any terrorist plot and the dutch governor agree was them. >> it was a strange story. bottles, empty bottles, medicine
8:26 am
tape taped with cell phones. >> we don't have all the information yet. >> again, the dutch authorities releasing them now saying there is no evidence of a terror plot. we have an a.m. original. something you will see only on "american morning." we talk about attempted terror attacks aimed at the u.s. and most of the time they come from muslim extremists. america's muslim community has been quick to warn law enforcement about the potential threats. >> why does it appear more and more that all muslims are being portrayed as potential terrorists? >> you know, even before the ground zero mosque controversy what is known as the ground zero mosque controversy, more than 40% of americans admitted feeling some prejudice towards muslims. experts agree there is a great deal of this understand when it comes to islam and add on politicians now spreading rumors sharia law, islamic law is coming to the united states simply because a group of americans wants to build a
8:27 am
mosque and time to ask what's really going on. >> stop that mosque! >> reporter: the islamic center and mosque to be built near ground zero is not the only mosque drawing fire. that b a dozen others across the country are also under attack. from angry protests and suspected arson in tennessee. >> do you forget 9/11 so fast? >> reporter: to california. american mosques being portrayed to monuments to terror or terror training centers. >> hate towards muslims and islam. >> reporter: why now? especially since the majority of americans that resisted the urge to escape since 9/11. despite negative images in the movies and other news. john esposita is a religion professor. >> they feel under siege and
8:28 am
threatened by the economy and terrorism. the risk is islam-phobia will become the kind of new form of discrimination. you know, like anti-semitism, racism towards blacks. >> reporter: conservatively figures showed estimated 5 million muslims in america. intensifying hostility and rise and hate speech is alarming to many like these clerics that we met at a recent islamic summit in houston. >> you would never hear any mainstream commentator say do you think another christian sect could open a mosque? do you think the jews should be able to open synagogues anywhere they want. do you think muslims should open, should be allowed top mosques anywhere they want. >> what changed the game dm 19 people changed the game. how did that happen? we have been your doctor, x-ray tech, accountant. we have been serving you slushies a long time. what tipped the scales? >> reporter: prominent american
8:29 am
clerics say american muslims are under siege both by islamic extremists and some u.s. conservatives. >> you have radical islamic clerics preaching from abroad saying you cannot be an american and muslim at the same time. lo and behold on the far right, you have famous prominent its lap-phobe that are saying the same message. >> reporter: it whipped up national debate. fuelled in part by misinformation and fearmongering. yet anti-muslim feelings have been simmering. since last year this youtube video has been viewed more than 12 million times. >> it is changing. it is time to wake up. >> reporter: islam has become a political wedge issue with politicians like newt gingrich comparing muslims to nazis. >> nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in washington. there is no reason for us to accept a mosque next to the world trade center. >> reporter: in fact, the duke
8:30 am
university study finds rather than fuel terrorism in america, contemporary mosques prevent it. national security experts and american muslims fear that there is a lot at stake. >> the more they speak and more they incite people, they are a concern to be dealt with. it is hurting american security. >> reporter: it is creating hatred. >> yes, it is creating a lot of hatred. >> reporter: the latest 2008 fbi statistics of hate crimes against muslims don't reflect what's going on now. experts believe that despite they happened after 9/11 could repeat itself. in new york, a cab driver was stabbed after his attacker allegedly asked if he was muslim. >> slowly but surely -- the irish had it, catholics had it, italians had it. it is the time of the muslims. >> reporter: how long it will take to counter is anyone's guess. he has been traveling with the state department and is going to
8:31 am
be back in new york city sometime today. he says that just as american catholics were crucial in pushing reform in vatican he believes american muslims, western thinkers, will be indispensable in bridging a chasm cha exist. >> let's hope it doesn't get lost in the conversation. >> hopefully it won't. so many allegations. so many things are being said now that i think it is incumbent upon us to peel back the layers and see what's truth and not truth. >> you are working getting a sitdown with him to talk more. good luck with that. great stuff. thanks, deb. time now for this morning's top stories, new round of mideast peace talks set to begin in washington today. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and palestinian minister abbas with secretary hillary clinton moderating. thad allen says crews plan to remove the capping stack on bp's ruptured well this afternoon. then they will begin recovery of
8:32 am
the blowout preventer that failed to stop the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> hurricane earl now a category 4 storm gathering some strength. bearing down on the california coast. packing 145-mile-an-hour winds. there is a look at the satellite. it could make landfall in the outer banks of north carolina by midnight tonight. hurricane watches and warnings, though, extend far out from the carolinas all the way up north to massachusetts. mandatory evacuation order is in effect for everyone visiting dare county, north carolina. hurricane earl bearing down on the carolinas and threatening the entire east coast with the powerful winds and pounding rains. >> president obama is putting the federal emergency management agency on notice to prepare for a worst case scenario. joining from us washington, fema administrator craig fugate. i know you are busy. par of it is getting the word out. what message should people be hearing today if you are living
8:33 am
along the east coast and any of these areas? >> the time of prepare sing over, the time of action is now. particularly in the carolina outer banks, north carolina. this is a time -- not much more time to get your plans done if you're evacuating. don't wait for the next forecast. today is the day of action. we have been talking about getting ready for this storm, north carolina, auto banks. it is action time. we are getting ready. president obama last night declared an emergency at the request of the governor to support her response efforts. we are getting ready for this storm. no matter what happens over the next couple of days. >> craig, one of the changes since hurricane katrina is that fema does not have to wait for a declaration of a state of emergency to prepare in other places. we just do not know where the storm is going after north carolina. and as some of our worst case predictions have it -- you know, somehow affecting major cities, major population centers all up the east coast. what sort of preparations are you doing or advising people of
8:34 am
the east coast to be dealing with? >> well, again, the message for the public is the same thing. you know, make sure you have a plan. heed any evacuation orders coming from local officials. we couldn't take a chance. we don't know which states will get impacted. from north carolina to maine we have had teams ready go in and support those states. we are moving supplies into the new england states and southern tier of this response. we are prepared from north carolina to maine irregardless of what areas were impacted to support this response at the local and state level. the lesson of katrina is you can't wait to find out how bad it is and know for sure who will get impacted. have you to be ready to go across the entire threat area. >> you know, the other question is for people who perhaps aren't used to this. when we were reading some of the areas where hurricane force winds could stretch. we are talking new jersey, places that people may not be used to. having an evacuation planner quite knowing what do in this case. what's your advice to those who are not veterans of dealing with
8:35 am
hurricanes. >> first thing is let's find out what your community plan is and if you are in an evacuation zone and if you are where you would go if the evacuation order is given. if you are down there visiting, i think in many cases that's going to be the first group that will be asked to leave for the tourists to go back to the main scland go back home and get out of the areas. and for the residents that live there, take the steps to make sure you are ready if this storm track comes further west, you may see additional evacuation orders. as we move up the coast. >> thanks very much for joining us. appreciate your good and strong and direct advice on this, craig fugate of fema. we will get the latest track on the hurricane from reynolds wolf in just a moment. first, mideast peace talks begin in washington today. unique perspective from people affected by these talks. thank you for calling usa prime credit. my name
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welcome back. it is 38 minutes past the hour now. we have new video in of defense secretary robert gates in afghanistan. he made this surprise stop there arriving in kabul would hours ago. you see him shaking hands with u.s. troops. he is scheduled to meet with
8:39 am
afghan president karzai. he's also going to be meeting with top nato commander general david petraeus. and secretary gates. we will also take time out to visit with u.s. troops serving there. the surprise trip comes a day after he presided over the change of command ceremony in baghdad. marking the end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. after announcing the end of the combat operations, president obama is now shifting his focus to the thorny issue of middle east peace. direct talks between israelis and palestinians, haven't seen those in the last couple of years, set to resume today in washington and in tel aviv this morning, we are joined live with a columnist and a veteran palestinian journalist, once a spokesman for the palestinian authority. thank you to both of you for joining us this morning. there has never been a successful outcome to conversations, peace
8:40 am
conversations, between israel and palestine that's not involved the united states. yes, someone pointed out quite clearly to me yesterday there's never been a successful outcomes that has involved the united states. what's the feeling on the ground as to the role the united states can play in actually achieving some progress in these peace discussions? >> i think some people have a lot of hope in the involvement if the u.s. -- with the u.s. generally speaking there is not a lot of hope as to the outcome that can come out of these talks generally speaking. so it is not like people don't sort of -- count or don't count on the u.s. if you see what i mean. >> let's talk about something else. this is an area that the israelis and palestinians have in common. that is whether or not the u.s. is neutral observer or they are on one side or the other. there has been decades of thinking that the u.s. may have favored israel and then there have been times in the last -- number of years where israel
8:41 am
fell that the u.s. has not been as strong an ally. what -- as we go into these negotiations, where do palestinians see the role of the united states in these negotiations? >> there has been some retaliation. israelis, the peace talks. one of reasons is when president booem first took office, he declared openly and clearly israel should -- he backed down and from the american presence to back down, crucial issue. settlements, something seen as negatively by the palestinians and perception of the palestinian public. it is not as honest brokered as it was supposed to be. especially after the president backed down. yet, the chance is still there. there are lots of folks among the palestinians.
8:42 am
will are also, i would say, skepticism. people are worried what may happen in washington not necessarily today but the days after, weeks after, would be some kind -- happened back in the year 2000. lots of expectations and frustration was high as we -- expectations were in the beginning. it all depends not on what the leaders in washington are saying today but many will depend on what will they do when they come back, mainly on prime minister binyamin netanyahu. we know he has the very difficult -- i don't know whether he can go ahead with what he promised yesterday. he continues to sustain a coalition like this one. >> let's talk about that for a second. >> it does occur binyamin netanyahu --
8:43 am
>> i don't know about the tougher position. i know, first of all, my friend elias, is speaking for the palestinian authority. it is always good to hear him speak about. you know, it is -- about the hopes, regarding the u.s. involvement, there's a limit to what the u.s. no matter what the president is heading it, there is a limb' what they can make the parties do. i mean, you definitely know that it was -- president obama who definitely make them get, you know, signed peace treat yes order, settlement. really it is about -- up to the parties. i mean, it is good. this time it is not only the u.s. but president obama, i think, very wisely brought also king abdullah and president -- egyptian president, hosni
8:44 am
mubarak, wrote a very smart today in "the new york times," it is a psychological thing that both parties have to get over and get to the bottom of things and reach an agreement. so really, i mean the free leaders are there. it is up to netanyahu and abbas and whoever has the influence on them to really do what they have to do. >> you both have given us very thoughtful perspective on this. we are all hoping that some peace emerges or process for peace emerges from this. the two of you hope for more than we do because you are both in it. thanks very much for thoughtful conversation about this. thank you for both for joining us. 44 minutes past the hour. we are on alert. hurt earl churning closer to the carolinas today. it is a category 4. it is strong and there are
8:45 am
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could i have lupus? ♪ this is the thing. look at a shot like this, kill devil hills, north carolina. gorgeous. it is gorgeous.
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you see the sun shining. you see beautiful waves. >> you know from hurricanes, before they hit, the world looks like a perfect place. >> after that, of course, as we heard from craig few guy, he is our fema administrator, gave a completely different -- the time for preparations, that's over. it is time for your action plan. especially if you are there. the hurricane is going to swipe this area. >> for everybody else, he says stop speculating. find out what your local community's plan is and if there are shelters, the roads to get out are. 79 degrees there in kill devil. kill devil hills. reynolds wolf is in the cnn hurricane headquarters with an update where the storm is bogey and what it looks like. reynolds? >> it is crazy how great things happen. i can tell what you they will be experiencing very soon, they will be having within the next couple of hours the winds will be picking up, tropical storm force winds will be moving through that part of the world. by this evening, the hurricane force winds, will will be coming right in. here is a look at the latest we have for you.
8:49 am
winds at 145. busts of 1. category 4 storm. if you look at the outflow, the nearly the distance from, say, el paso, texas, all the way to marshall, texas. as wide it is a state of texas and expected to continue its track to the north and veer off to the northeast in the coming days, we get into friday morning and friday afternoon. it should weaken as it will move into an area with slightly cooler water and as we fast forward into saturday, winds of 100 miles per hour, gusts to 120. keep in mind it is one of the most densely populated parts of the country. with a storm this wide he does haven't to make a direct hit. damage, one of the ways people impact first and foremost is going to be with the strong winds. and, of course, widespread power outages. that's a given. millions of people could be without power by the time the storm finishes up. already along the coast we have warnings, watches in effect. and all the way from the carolina coast clear up here to maine. we anticipate with the storm also, in the short term, some bigger waves moving along the coast. wind gusts topping 80 miles per
8:50 am
hour. there will be stronger waves hitting the shoreline by later this evening. storm surge at two to three feet. same massive system trying to get through places like virginia beach, jersey shore, eventually for places like martha's vineyard and nags head. it will be a rough time. no question about it. we have live images we had earlier spectacular that was taken from the space station. hard to believe. something this immense turning its way through parts of the atlantic. many of the storms behind it in the atlantic. gaston. this is the time of the year we see these things start to pop up. it is the season. if this storm passes you by you have to be lucky and be prepared for what may be coming with fiona and gaston. that's the latest. >> gaston becomes an issue, we have to cover it. i will do it with a french accent. i have to come back for that. we try to be honest generally speaking in the news. we try to. sometimes i say something i
8:51 am
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♪ >> i heard something about hawaiian shirt thursday. >> that's what it is. the crew, lot of cam rady aroar around here. phil with the traditional hawaiian shirt. that's a lot of shirt, isn't it? >> that's a lot of shirt. >> every thursday. >> you didn't tell me. >> you would have worn one, right? how will you fit a hawaiian shirt under the vest? welcome back to the most news of the morning. 54 minutes past the hour. we talk about the economic downturn and how i affected us
8:55 am
as a nation. one is a stunning drop in the u.s. birth rate. deliveries are down 2 opini.6% year. lowest level in a century. lot of people deciding it is a recess, too tough a time to add another mouth to eat. stark turnaround from a baby boom in 2007 when babies were born in the united states more than any other year in the nation's history. >> i only half believe it. lots of people work -- there's two working families and just -- >> lot of uncertainty. if i add another child, do we need a bigger house. we can't get a mortgage now and afford that. and -- how am i going to pay for college? >> right, right. breakthrough for migraine sufferers. inherited genetic link that trying terse most common form of migraine headaches. here's the story i think -- i
8:56 am
would love know what our viewers think. >> we are to do a test. i will bring in zbar lick tomorrow and see if this works for you. >> let's don't and say you did. >> if you are a garlic lover, drink milk. researchers say milk is the cure for garlic breath. whole milk appears to work best. i know, your stomach. >> you are just going to have garlic milk breath. >> they say -- >> that's going to be a charmer at the bar. >> exactly. they say that -- you know, listerine and things like that don't work for garlic breath. >> i heard that the chemicals in milk can neutralize -- again, they will have milky-garlic breath or just milky breath. >> if you eat spicy food they say milk, too. drink some milk. water doesn't help so much. they say that lattes, ice cream and other dairy foods work well. yummy brie cheese. >> this does not apply to people that are lactose tolerant. 8:56.
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